How to Start Living Non-Toxic

Have you been interested in living a less toxic lifestyle but don’t know where to start? I know how you feel. When I started learning about non-toxic living it seemed overwhelming. I am still not perfect and honestly am still making the switch myself as I learn new things.

One thing that is always on my mind when putting something in or on my body is “is this actually good for me?” I am not talking about that sweet tooth that you occasionally get – if you want that brownie, then eat that brownie (as long as it is in moderation)!

Today, I am going to share some things you can change to gradually start living non-toxic. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to take them one at a time.

Why Live Non-Toxic?

We live in a time that has the highest percent of chronic health issues, cancer, and reproductive problems. What could be causing this epidemic?

Through recent studies, we have discovered that some chemicals that we are exposed to are linked to these problems. A lot of these chemicals are even FDA approved.

Its practically impossible to avoid all of the toxins that we live with, and by no means am I trying to use fear to convince you. I am only trying to raise awareness and to help those who may be struggling with a health related issue to explore different options.

Even something like chronic migraines, acne, or asthma can be helped by choosing to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

Things to Start With

Buy Safely Sourced Food

Organically grown food means that the product is grown, harvested and stored without dangerous chemicals used for pesticides and preservatives.

Some of the pesticides that farmers use have been linked to neurological, reproductive, growth and internal health complications.

Preservatives are typically found in processed foods. Some of them are linked to heart disease, GI issues such as colon cancer, and asthma.

Use EWG or ThinkDirty to Search Products

This is a very good way to find products that are clean. Both apps have the ability to scan a product at the store and give you a list of ingredients and the concerns behind them.

I have been using the EWG app whenever I am out of a house cleaning or personal care product and I try to find the best option for me and my family.

You can do this slowly, you do not need to throw out all of the products you have now – just replace them when its time to get more.

Switch to Fluoride Free Toothpaste

The ingestion of fluoride, even in small amounts over time, is linked to cardiovascular problems, acne and skin impurities, reproductive health and infertility, and neurological problems.

See my links below for some recommended brands.

These are some things that you can start doing. There are many more changes that can be made, but these are the ones that I would recommend starting with to not overwhelm yourself.

Remember that none of us are perfect. Its all about trying the best you can to try and reduce your exposure to toxins.

Below are some non toxic brands, just click the pic!

Skin Care

C’est Moi Face Cleanser
C’est Moi Moisturizer
Honest Co. Cleanser
Honest Co. Moisturizer
Knours Cleanser
Knours Facial Mist
Knours Face Mask
Honest Face Serum
Alder New York Face Serum

Oral Care

All products are fluoride-free

Boka Mint Toothpaste
Boka Coco Ginger Toothpaste
David’s Toothpaste
Risewell Toothpaste
Risewell Kids Toothpaste
Hello Toothpaste
Hello Charcoal Toothpaste
Hello Kids Toothpaste

Hair Care

Aromatica Shampoo
Aromatica Conditioner
Wellnesse Shampoo
Wellnesse Conditioner
Clean Kids Shampoo
Whamisa Hair Serum

Body Wash/ Moisturizer

Attitude Body Wash
Whamisa Body Wash
Attitude Lotion
Prima Body Cream
Everyone Soap
Kora Organics Body Oil


Schmidt’s Deodorant
Native Deodorant
Attitude Deodorant


C’est Moi SPF 30
Biossance SPF 30
Supergoop SPF 50

Food Storage

Remember – lots of glass containers still have plastic lids

Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids
16oz Mason Jars
6oz Mason Jars

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