Morning Meditation – Why You Should Do It Everyday

Hey guys! Something that I have been trying to get better at is morning meditation because I see SO many benefits to it.

As a lot of you know, I am a new mom. That has added a lot of stress in my life on top of working and trying to keep up on things around the house and creating new posts for you all to read!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE everything I just mentioned, but it does get overwhelming sometimes. That is why morning meditation needs to be a part of my daily routine. It helps me to stay grounded. So let me get into some details about meditation.

How To Meditate

Clear Your Mind

If you’re a woman like me, you probably have 43527943587 things going on in your head at a time. So, this first step can be a little tricky.

I like to try and focus on my breath and visualize what is going on in my body. Another thing I can do is picture myself in a safe and quiet place all alone. Take your time on this step because it is important.

Get Comfortable

You see all the time in movies where they show people meditating in a very specific position – legs crossed, arms held up with the hands making an “OK” symbol.

But that is not the best way! Get comfortable! Sit (or even lay) in a position that you can stay in for a few minutes without needed to adjust.

This is also important because of the next step below.

Relax Your Muscles

Let all of the tension out of your face, shoulders, arms, hands, back, core, legs and feet. Really let yourself melt like snow in the spring.

This step will help you reach that “Zen” state that is so beneficial to your mind and body.

Breathe Deeply

Count your breaths and let the air fill your chest, then expel all of the negativity and toxins with each exhale.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to imagine that with every breath your body is getting cleaner and purer.


I like to focus on letting my body perform the functions it needs to such as digesting, detoxing, and healing itself.

Your body has natural instincts of “fight or flight” and “rest and digest”. If you’re constantly going from one thing to the next and not allowing yourself to rest, then your body is always going to be in “fight or flight” mode. Give your body time to itself.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduced Stress

This is probably the main one, and it is so important because increased stress raises our cortisol levels. This can cause things like weight gain, acne, and high blood pressure.

Better Sleep

Meditation helps us to sleep better at night, which in turn can help our bodies heal and repair themselves throughout the night.

More Energy

Who doesn’t love more energy? When we focus on deeply breathing during meditation, our bodies get more oxygen which allows them to perform functions better and we feel more energized.

Better Mood

When we are less stressed and able to calm ourselves with breathing techniques and meditation, our bodies respond with increased serotonin and happier feelings.

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