Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

In today’s world, we work ourselves constantly and are sometimes a little sleep deprived. So many people require their daily coffee or other form of caffeine to wake up in the morning. If this is you, and you want a more natural way to boost your energy, look no further than these techniques I am about to share with you.

Now I am not trying to shame anyone for their use of coffee or caffeine to boost their energy. I personally have always liked the idea of natural alternatives rather than artificial solutions. If you feel the same way, then keep reading!

I have never had coffee nor required a caffeinated drink to be energized, so seeing people around me that do require them made me want to share my secrets with you.

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Benefits of Choosing Natural Solutions

The main reason why I choose natural is because it gives me more control over my body. … This is because I am controlling the amount of hormones my own body is producing.

Before I get into my techniques I use, I wanted to share the WHY. Why choose to naturally boost energy when I can just drink some coffee or a soda?

The main reason why I choose natural is because it gives me more control over my own body. I feel a sense of self mastery and I love that. This is because I am controlling the amount of hormones my own body is producing.

And the obvious benefit: its healthy for me and my body! There are lots of micro-ingredients hidden in today’s products that our bodies do not process well. When I choose to omit artificial energy boosters and focus more on natural techniques, I am choosing to keep my body more clean.

Energy Boosting Techniques


This is very beneficial for your joints and muscles to be able to perform the tasks ahead. It helps loosen your body and lower cortisol, or stress hormone, levels.

When done in the morning before getting out of bed, it wakes me up and is a positive start to my day. I like to sit up in my bed, face my window, and do some of the following stretches:

  • Chest Opener: clasp your hands behind your back and lift your chin up while pushing your chest out. You can take side-to-side movement with it. This allows you to breathe more deeply as well as loosen the joints in your shoulders and ribs.
  • Head Circles: deep stretches in your neck muscles allow you to feel less tense in the morning and can help lower stress.
  • Side Stretch: Reach one arm up in the air, then over to the opposing side to open your ribs and stretch your side body. I like to go side-to-side multiple times to help loosen everything up better.
  • Hamstring Stretch: Fold forward and reach for your toes. You can do this with both legs extended forward or in figure 4. Try to keep your back flat and lengthened.

Take a Break

If you can, try to step away for a couple of minutes and drink some water, do some light stretches, go on a walk, whatever you can do to change up the routine for a sec.

I am a little over 7 months pregnant and I work long shifts on my feet as a vet tech, so sometimes when I have a minute I like to grab a drink of water and do some quick breathing exercises to keep myself from being drained by the end of the day.

Taking breaks is totally okay and should be encouraged for your mental and physical health. Be sure to have a good balance between working hard and over working yourself.

Develop a Good Morning Routine

In this blog post, I wrote about healthy things to add to your morning routine. It is so important to me that I start my day off right so that the rest of my day is full of happiness, energy, and productivity.

It is hard to practice waking up earlier to have time to stretch or exercise at first. Your mind will trick you into thinking “if I sleep longer in the morning, then I will have more energy”. But this is a LIE!

Waking up earlier to have a good morning routine has boosted my energy so much, especially when I am extra tired from pregnancy. I notice a huge difference in my energy levels on the days that I sleep in versus the days that I prioritize exercise and stretching.

Some examples of good morning routine activities include: eating a healthy breakfast, stretching, working out, going on a walk, hydrating immediately, reading motivational quotes, or even just taking a second to breathe and relax before the grind.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration benefits literally SO many aspects of our health. When we have enough fluids in our body, our tissues can better perform their proper functions. For example, our muscles will be able to endure the long work day because we have better circulation for the blood in our body to transport oxygen to them.

Cold water also helps to wake us up in the morning. I like to keep my water bottle on my nightstand with ice water in it so that when I wake up in the morning, I can immediately drink water.

If you are one of those people that does not like plain water, you can try adding frozen fruits for flavoring. I like to add lemon slices and frozen strawberries to my water. You can also add Liquid I.V. to multiply your hydration. Here are some Liquid I.V. flavors you can purchase on Amazon:

Strawberry Flavor
Lemon/Lime Flavor
Passion Fruit Flavor

Work Out

I know what you are thinking: Why would I work out if I need MORE energy? Wouldn’t that drain my energy?

Working out releases endorphins which energize your body. So while you might be tired after your workout, you will be energized overall. The more consistently you work out, the more energy your body will have over time.

Exercise also lowers your cortisol, or stress hormone, levels. This means that you will have less stress on your mind, which would take up a lot of our energy as well.

Eat Healthy

Eating more proteins and fiber can help boost our metabolism and support our muscles. If we eat too many carbohydrates, specifically sugar, we are inhibiting our bodies production of Thyroxine, which is produced by our Thyroids, the ultimate metabolism hormone.

I like to eat fruits in the morning to help naturally wake myself up. There’s nothing like a glass of OJ or lemon water to help me to feel energized and ready to continue my morning routine.

My last post has a list of Superfoods that are healthy and provide many different benefits to our bodies, so go check that one out as well!

Don’t Forget to Share!

Thank you for reading, I hope this was an inspiring post and that it helped you to feel more energized through your daily grind. Remember to take care of yourself and give your body the credit it needs. Share this post with a friend or on social media if you enjoyed it!

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Bowl of salad containing many nutrient rich foods on a white table.

Superfoods and Why Your Body Needs Them

Nutrition is such a powerful tool for mind and body health. I have always been the kind to question what I do and do not put in my body. All of the superfoods I have included in this list are ones that I love to eat every day and they make me feel so great!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see me occasionally post stories with healthy recipes. I also have a highlight that is still growing but already has some yummy recipes. Go check them out!

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My Favorite Superfoods

Bouquet of asparagus in a white mug on the table.


Asparagus is high in Vitamin K, which plays a role in blood clotting and wound healing. It also supports bone health.

It is low in calories but pretty filling, so asparagus can help with weight loss.

Finally, asparagus is high in folate, which can treat and prevent anemia. Folate is also a key nutrient for a healthy pregnancy. I am currently in my third trimester and eat asparagus weekly.

Wooden spoon tilted to pour out the raw honey.


To get full benefits from honey, it needs to be raw and unfiltered.

Honey is a good source of antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and aging.

With antibacterial and antifungal properties, it can be used to heal skin wounds and acne. (I am a vet tech and we have used it a couple of times on lacerations!)

Raw honey is also great for allergies because it has immune boosting nutrients.

I like to get raw honey from the local farmer’s market, or buy this one from Amazon!

Arial view of a hard boiled egg cut in half topped with seasoning.


I love to eat hard boiled eggs for a snack because they are filling but low in calories.

Eggs are rich in protein and omega 3, which supports skin, hair and joint health.

They are known for preventing aging changes to our eyesight.

Pasture raised eggs have the most nutrients because of the way the hens are fed and kept.

Avocado cut in half laying on a light purple surface. One half is sitting up resting on the other half.


With more potassium than bananas, avocados help prevent hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Potassium also plays a role in controlling muscle contractions and nerve function.

Avocados are high in fiber, which boosts metabolism, which can help with weight loss and digestion. They also contain lots of omega 3.

Cartons of farmer's market blueberries.


Blueberries are the ultimate source of antioxidants, which we mentioned before. So basically, eating blueberries will keep you and your cells younger for longer.

They also play a role in brain function and memory. They can help you be more productive during the day.

Lastly, blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which supports our immune system as well as growth and development of tissues.

A glass jar of Chia Seeds tipped over so the seeds are spilling onto the table.

Chia Seeds

I love to add chia seeds to so many things to get a little nutrient boost. In this blog post, I share my chia seed lemon water recipe.

Chia seeds have so much fiber and protein in just 1-2 tablespoons. They are also a good source of omega 3.

They are pretty much tasteless and can be added to salads, smoothies, and other things.

I use these Chia Seeds from Amazon!

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Healthy Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine

The best way to have a good day is to start the morning off right. Having good routines and habits in the morning plays a huge impact in your mental and physical health. There are so many benefits to developing these morning habits such as boosting energy, loosing weight, better productivity, having a happier attitude, improving your overall health, and so much more. If one or all of these are what you need, then consider taking the time in the morning to do these things.

Now I know what you may be thinking – I have such a busy schedule that I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in, or that it is easier said than done. Now we are not all perfect and that is why we are here, to improve each day. A good start would be to just take 10-15 minutes out of your morning to do one or two of the things I have listed below. Then start to add more things from the list, or even incorporate your own ideas! (And share your ideas with me, because I love to hear what other people come up with as well!)

This post contains affiliate links that, if you click through to buy the product, will earn me a small commission at not extra cost to you. View my full disclosure on this page.


The word Meditation comes from the Latin word meditatum which means to ponder. When we meditate, our minds are clear and we focus on ourselves, creating a better connection with mind and body. Meditation is an ancient Indian practice that began thousands of years ago and is still common in today’s society. Something that has been around for so long and is still widely practiced today must have some good effect right?

Meditation is simple, you do not have to do anything complex or “voodoo-like”. I like to meditate right when I wake up, before I even get out of bed. This is because my mind is already clear from just waking up and has not had to process much yet. I sit up in my bed, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths in and out. I try to focus on nothing but my own body and mind. Once I have done this for a couple of minutes I already feel refreshed and my energy level has boosted. I am ready to take on the day.

Drink Water

Starting the morning off by drinking at least a glass of water when you wake up is a great way to boost your energy. (Hint: add a squeeze of lemon for many benefits such as: weight loss, healthy skin, and much more) Fun Fact – there was a study done in mice that were fed a high fat diet. One half of the group was given lemon water and showed significantly less weight gain and underlying conditions than the other half.

Drinking about 1 gallon of water every day is vital in keeping your body and skin healthy. I know it can be hard for some of you, as it sometimes is for me. If that is the case, try THIS water bottle to keep track. For those who do not like water – try adding fruits or flavorings to your water. Eating watermelon or oranges is also a good way to hydrate yourself.


The moment you wake up is when your muscles and joints have been most relaxed. This is what makes morning stretches and exercises very effective. It does not need to take a long time. Even if you have a busy morning schedule, 5-10 minutes can still make a difference. Here are some ideas:

  • Yoga – this is my FAVORITE morning exercise! It gives me so much energy. There are lots of great Youtube videos. You can get a good yoga mat here!
  • Hamstring Stretch – sit with your legs straight in front of you and reach for your toes. (Hint: try to keep your back as flat as possible)
  • Lunges – Try to keep your torso upright to stretch your hips as well.
  • Cat/Cow – Get on your hands and knees and arch your back up and down, holding it in each extreme for a moment. This will loosen up your spinal joints.
  • Head Circles – move your head around in circles, alternating directions.
  • Chest Opener – clasp your hands behind your back and open your chest upwards. This is perfect for the mornings to wake you up.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Most people eat dinner around 6pm and go to bed around 9 or 10. They then sleep for about 8 hours, so the majority of us are going about 10 hours or so with no food. Eating breakfast helps to restore a healthy glucose level.

I work in the mornings and love to have something that I can throw together quickly. Protein shakes are a great go-to for that. I love to use this Protein and Greens Shake because it tastes GREAT with cold almond milk (does not have the classic weird protein taste!)

If you are trying to diet or loose weight, I know it may seem like a good idea to skip breakfast to intake fewer calories. However, eating a balanced meal in the morning can trigger our metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day.

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